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Tear and Repair

Funded by Arts Council England and working in collaboration with Azalea Luton ( Nicola ran a series of workshops with women from Azalea, a charity that works with women caught in commercial sexual exploitation. She created 5 woven hangings that use the language of textiles to communicate 5 different narratives. The textile work is a literal manifestation of unravelling, fraying, knotting, the appearance of holes, and different methods of repair. In so doing the language of textiles acts as a metaphor to express 5 personal histories. A film about the project, a community weave, and guidance booklets are exhibited alongside the 5 woven hangings.

This work toured 3 Cathedrals in 2020. Due to Covid 19, the tour of the remaining 7 cathedrals was postponed until 2021-22. It was installed in the following cathedrals. Portsmouth, Blackburn, Manchester, Rochester, Derby, Peterborough, St Edmundsbury, Liverpool, Worcester, and Bradford. A special exhibition will also take place within Azalea.

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