Walking in the countryside is a fundamental part of my practice.  My aim is to find ways of expressing the experience and the encounters of different walks; creating works of art that are made after the event by referencing the experience. My chosen medium is textiles and increasingly this has become the specific discipline of weaving. It is within the act of weaving and the choices made that relate to scale, materials and techniques that I seek to express elements of the walk that have become more dominant.

The threads that I use can in themselves hang and exist in space but I am building a surface; I am not simply covering a surface. I am fully aware that although there are similarities between weaving and walking there are clearly many differences. What they both allow me to do is to mark time and to be conscious in a multi-sensory way of my body moving within space. My work is fundamentally about experiencing an environment by moving and being in it, perceiving it as the elements allow. Working with textiles causes me to reflect on and draw out the specifics of the encounter. Whilst weaving I enjoy moving within the grid structure. I enjoy the rhythm of repetition. I enjoy the preparation and the intimacy that is inevitable as every piece of yarn is touched and positioned. I enjoy the intuition that is necessary to create cloth. It is within these experiences that I make art. What I make references the experience of moving in the landscape, but also speaks of the materials that I work with and come to know through the physical act of making 


There is much to be explored and I feel that I am  beginning to understand how to translate and thus communicate one to another the language of walking and the language of weaving. I am becoming more fluent in both.